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Musically Meditated Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

Tobias Grave of Soft Kill is back! He talks about the (DIY) creative process behind the success of the the new album, why he decided to self release Dead Kids RIP City, and some of his favorite albums of 2020. 
You can listen to our first Covid 19 episode here:

Dec 7, 2020

Find Mascara's music here:

Nov 30, 2020

Nick Acosta joins us once again to discuss the successful grind of his independent label New Morality Zine. Nick breaks down his entire roster, networking with artist, and upcoming some of his upcoming releases.
Listen to our first episode with Nick here

Nov 24, 2020

Deftones Ohms review by the fans, for the fans! Corey Smith (Connecticut) & Kevin Sullivan (California) share their favorite Deftones live experience, rate their favorite albums, and review Ohms.
If you’d like to join us and review “Ohms” you can make your submissions here